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People often want to know what people think of them and also they want to know how to approach people to get to know them. These are two major obstacles in social interaction that can be solved with a reverse social network. The reverse social network idea works by allowing users to sign up and their friends then fill out their profile for them. Some topics could be: What am I good at? What do I enjoy talking about? What kind of things should I work on developing? What is my background/history etc. This concept revolves around the idea that people want to create a more personalized and individual identity for themselves in a world of information overload and noise. Monetizing: Companies could pay to be featured on the site where users could give direct feedback that is then aggregated and sent back to the company. Essentially this would be a more refined version of reviews like on Amazon because right now it gets tedious trying to read through and dissect reviews. Companies could measure real ROI on their use of the site. Of course there are a lot of holes in this idea. Help me fill them!
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