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Take a look at http://www.growsocials.com/index.php and you will see that you can earn points or buy them, and allocate them as you like - to collect Facebook Fanpage likes, G+ on your blog articles, get circled in G+, and even get followed in Twitter. If you use Empire Avenue, you see "Missions," and understand that everything is up for sale in influence, reputation scoring and it is all getting "gamed": people buy and sell votes, upmarks, etc. Who could do the backend for something like GrowSocials - to work with G+ (I have ideas beyond those in GS), Klout, Facebook, etc.? Experience with oAuths and APIs preferred - or, at least the willingness to learn. Who is interested in being the frontend web designer - to work with us on ideas to make something more fluid and columned, and thus far faster to use than GS? Partner with me on this fast - those "in the know," you know this is immediately monetizable and is needed by many small and mid-sized businesses.
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