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I think that there should be an app where you can take a picture of an address either it be typed up on an envelope or it be written down on something like a napkin. (maybe have some sort handwriting verification software to identify the hand writing) and it will give you the location and the option to get directions. It quick and easy. Also, you can have the option of having the app get access to your contacts and be able to press the step/direction you are currently at (or maybe have a simple button) and it will send an auto text to who ever you are trying to meet that you are close by (they can preset who they are meeting before along with if they want them to know the exact location or how far away they are in time or miles --- or maybe even a step further having an advance option where they can put a custom text and attach it to a certain location - that way when that person reaches that part/location/direction of the journey it will just send that text to them without even pressing anything at all.
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