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Pain : There's no platform available where app/website owners can have valid reviews from general public on their products. Play store or app store reviews are baseless. People can write anything there. And paid review websites are too costly for small scale app/website owners (plus their reviews are obviously biased). Solution : Build a platform where app/website owners can get valid reviews on their products and reviewers will get some money for their reviews. Owners can post their apps/websites and set some questions which needs to be answered by the reviewers to maintain the authenticity of the reviews. The owners will set a max budget per review and the reviewers will get payment from that budget. The owners can report a review if the review is baseless, irrelevant or biased. The website admins will constantly look over the reports and take necessary actions against the reviewer (or the owner). In my knowledge, there is no similar platform available. Even if I am wrong, we can add some attractive features to make our platform better. If u like this idea, u can contact me directly at shubhadeep.banerjee2011@yahoo.com .
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