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Browse > Choose > Order > Deliver Is the most popular shopping trend in developing economies like India, China & Brazil to name a few. The stake holders in this game are predominantly a seller & a buyer. If we where to broadly further classify the seller - I would assume it to be an seller from an organized retail background and one from the unorganized segment. Its natural to assume, the participation in the e-com space from players in the organized space is significantly higher than the later. This presents an opportunity to develop a ecosystem focused primarily at the sellers (and also buyers) who are aspirational, however don't have the knowledge, infrastructure and logistical support to participate in this growing trend. This idea revolves around creating a ecosystem focused primarily at such participants. Apart from being a viable financial business model, I think it also serves a social cause by making it easier for a larger section of the seller community in participate in the economic boom (esp in developing markets). Looking for IT experts, people with a business acumen, legal experts and anyone with similar ideas to collaborate and join hands on this project.
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