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People love their pets. Everyone owns a pet,a dog, cat ,parrot,bunny or even a lion. You name it. Everyone owns one or want one. Do you how people on Instagram, Facebook, who has millions of followers, so called "Internet Celebrity", owns pets too and they are crazy about them? They want their pets to be equally famous. They want equal attentions from people all across the world.They want to share their awesome videos of their pets too like they share for themselves. They want their pets to be an Internet Sensation like themselves.Yes, they do have their pets own instagram/facebook account. But they don't get what they want (attentions,popularity) cause not everyone has instagram/facebook accounts of their pets. So what do they need/want for their pets to become an internet model? Ladies and Gents, I present to you "PetBuzz" A social media platform where we share the details of our pets. Pets create an account, post feeds, like and share. They get millions of followers.They become our new internet sensations.An internet for pets. I would love my Dog to become an Internet Celebrity. That's all. Write me at roblai.rl@gmail.com for developments and details.
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