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Right now: Fast / convenience store food: Quick, but relatively unhealthy. Buy it, heat it. Slow food / real meals: Slow (Make it yourself, and cook it), more healthy, but more hassle. I'm not interested in preparing food. I want something *now*, and then I can get back to work. However, I don't want to stuff my face with fatty and sugary foods all day. I'm sure there are more like me. I want a microwavable, nutritionally balanced, cheap box lunch. Maybe 5 types, so I can rotate through them for variation. The stuff available right now is fatty and sugary, with few if any vegetables. Maybe each box can be as close as possible to 50% RDA, so you know if you eat this, and drink some water, it's great for you. To me, there's an enormous gap in the market. I've wanted this for so long, and I'd love someone to do it. If this is a silly idea, please tell me why, I'm shocked it doesn't already exist.
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