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Hey everyone out there, I recently had an Idea to make an e-Commerce website for Artists and Art lovers, who are willing to Buy, Sale or Auction their Paintings or Statues or any art online. The site will be specifically focused for Artists and Art lovers. Right now, we have websites like, Flipkart.com , snapdeal.com , amazon.in and many others but none of theme specifically focus on Art related stuff. This site will be soul platform for the Artists to present their art and For art lovers to directly connect with them. Many Art Enthusiasts who want to buy Art Stuff to decorate home with the ease of a click of a button, instead of going out in market wasting car fuel, time and money. So what do you think guys ? I have many plans but would not disclose all right now. This is the general basic Idea. I have lot of features and stuff to add in there. Please let me know your views on this Problem, many tech enthusiasts face and do you like my solution to it ?
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