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Background: There has been a surge in the past few years of online education tools, primarily third party videos like those from Khan Academy, PatrickJMT, iTunesU, and from institutions like MIT with open courseware. Problem: Some of these videos are high quality; however, one must weed through many videos, which may contain extraneous information. Videos for higher-level classes do not exist in a high quality format. Some institutions offer videos, however one seldom finds a video with good audio, video, as well as a good professor. Solution: My idea is a website, which aggregates and creates material for all level courses. High quality, preexisting videos for lower level courses would be vetted and arranged in a cogent manner, cutting down on choices, as well as matched up with popular textbooks, so students could easily find a suitable match. Videos for high-level courses would be created, and paired to popular textbooks. Practice problems and review questions could also be easily added.
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