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A lack of information about what is happening in our community now. "My Neighbourhood – Live" is a web page that displays local geo-tagged content, aggregated from around the web, that is tailored to the users location. A web application which will expose various content available across the internet which is geo-relevant to user-specified location. Be it their Neighbourhood, community, town or county. Once a location has been supplied by a user, the web application will retrieve and display the relevant content associated to the specified location. These sources of content may include: •Photographs geotagged in proximity of the location. •Friends Facebook checkins near the specified location •Community website RSS feeds •Twitter updates containing the specified location in its text or updates that are tagged with coordinates in the proximity of specified location. •News articles sourced from local news sites or whose content contains the location supplied by the user. •A map of the local area. •Weather forecast for the specified location. Plus many more. View the following link to see a Mock-Up example of how the web page could look: http://flickr.com/gp/rockerjjt/353KEL
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