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So here's the catch. We love music very much. We have a lot of digital copies stored in our mobile phone and even PC/Laptop. Every week/month it is getting more heavier and heavier since we add every new songs we like. The problem: We are running out of space in our mobile phone for more important files. We tend to copy our music in every devices we have. Meaning, it's very redundant and space consuming. The answer: A personal web storage for all your music that you can access through the mobile app or browser. No one will have your music except you. Very handy you can access it anytime & anywhere of course you need to have an internet access for this. Less consumed bandwidth since it's pure music you don't need to worry about how much you'll pay for your internet subscription for overages. This might be simple but very helpful and handy to all the people who likes music very much. Interested? You can help by investing or managing and UI designing (since I am not a designer) this project. PM me for the business model.
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