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A microbot is a little sphere with two cones attached at opposite ends, allowing it to rotate or bend like an elbow. A microbot connects to another microbot, which connects to another microbot through the power of electromagnetism at which point microbots move by passing each other along a chain of microbots. It’s hard to picture without just seeing it in action, but imagine a chain of these little structures stretching from right to left. And every time, bots extend from the chain to catch the traveling one. This continues on until the one on the very right has migrated all the way across the chain. When they move millions of bots are passing themselves along in the same fashion. Even though in the movie a neural transmitter was used to control the bots, in rel time we can build a simple application that can feed pictures to the bots. Such bots would have wast scope in construction, transpiration, creating and destroying stuck in seconds. Read more at Film School Rejects: http://filmschoolrejects.com/features/big-hero-6-robots.php#ixzz3Ijks0FpO Read more at http://filmschoolrejects.com/features/big-hero-6-robots.php#sUqXGfBDe2S0GoPO.99
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