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First of all, my idea and analysis is more focused on Germany. Sport is one of the most important activities that people are keen on, almost everyone is doing sport, most of the sports need partner, one famous example is Jogging, which usually is better with partner to keep the commitment to the sport and kill any laziness, there are more other examples. But how to find a Sport Buddy ? ask yourself first Answers ?? Couchsurfing or Facbook groups. First question, Were those platforms really made for that ? Second question, What if you find a buddy, how to maintain that, i mean, how to agree on regular dynamic meetings, say hey tomorrow i don't have time, let's shift it to Monday, will you have to write SMS or Whatsapp msg for that. Then definitely we need a new platform that is sport oriented, tailored for that very purpose, there are some platforms, but again, they just imitate the current social network platforms, we need our platform to be really made for sport which will make it more efficient that all the current inefficient solutions. I have the idea with concur concept design in mind for one year now, but i need someone to encourage me and start implementing it.
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