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Hello everyone! I am trying to get a team of professionals together in order to develop an e-discounter with full infrastructure. The idea is to give any retailer an ability to sell through our site their products with a discount. It can range from last season sunglasses to last stock goods that retailer doesn't really want to take up the display space any longer. From each sale we collect 5-15% commission. I am located in Almaty, Kazakhstan and the market and culture for e-commerce is just starting to boom in our country! I poses the infrastructure of office space, warehouse, and finance. The economy in Kazakhstan is constantly showing stable growth rates after the crisis in 2009. In 2014 the annual growth has reached 6%. As a result retail trade sector is also growing; the volume reached over 28 bln.USD. E-commerce is still the most dynamic market segment, its volume is over 1.5 bln.USD, according to J’son & Partners Consulting experts’.
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