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Situation: Many households and small businesses have thought about saving some money from their utility bills by installing a solar roof, or investing in a wind turbine, small dam, (Tesla) battery, etc. Problem: What restrains them from undertaking their projects may be one or more of the following factors: - risk on future savings/returns from their energy investment. - cost of financing: loans might require collateral or high interest payments, or the downpayment/initial investment is unaffordable. Solution: Crowdfunding platform designed for those interested in financing energy projects (that have an expected return in the form of surplus or savings). This would enable them to raise capital from their relatives, friends, neighbors, or other investors through donations or by selling equity of their projects, and/or debt at their favorable terms. The platform would then manage the monetary payments back to the investors of the project. Those would be based on the terms of the loan, and the calculation of the monetary value of electricity in the area where it is produced or accumulated (differential between daytime/nighttime value when batteries are involved) from the project.
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