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There seem to be a growing number of business tips websites using the interview format, which showcase the stories and strategies of successful entrepreneurs. Some examples include Mixergy, Growth Hacker TV, and Foundville. While these sites offer a wealth of great knowledge, the problem is that most busy entrepreneurs, while interested in learning, simply don't have the time to listen to these interviews since they are too busy running their OWN businesses. The solution: Make it easier for these busy people to listen to these interviews during a time of day when they most likely do have time available...in their car. By creating a mobile website/app which aggregates content from these various sources and making them available as audio clips that are easily playable through your mobile device, busy founders can now have access to a wide library of tips at a time of day where they are most likely to have the time to listen. This service would also create a "profile" of each subscriber, delivering timely, relevant types of audio interviews for them i.e. SEO, web marketing, sales, etc.
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